NFL Schedule Week 12

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos, 4:25p.m. EST


A good old-fashioned AFC West matchup. Late in the season like this, this game will have a strong bearing on the outcome of the division. Teams can’t afford to lose division games down the stretch, but someone is going to have to walk away with an “L”. Who’s keeping their division title hopes alive?

Keys to the Game

Kansas City

Above all else, the Chiefs will need to run the ball effectively. Denver still maintains one of the most talented defenses in the entire league, headlined by a suffocating secondary. If they want to have success, they can’t leave it up to Alex Smith and the passing game. Denver will bring pressure and their corners simply outmatch anyone KC will line up to catch passes. Jamaal Charles and company will need to shoulder the load this week.


The Broncos will need everything they can get out of their offensive line. The Chiefs have a ferocious pass rush and Denver will have a difficult time overcoming negative plays against this stout defense. Running the ball effectively will help to keep rushers from jumping the snap, but the line is still going to need to perform to get the job done. The best news for Denver is that KC “only” has Marcus Peters at corner now since Sean Smith moved on  to Oakland.